November 24, 2012

Restoring Dignity - One Christmas Gift at a Time

It's that time of year again!  
This year we are so excited about our Christmas Campaign - Restoring Dignity!
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November 15, 2012

New Blog

If you have not visited our new blog sight (which is our website) - please do!

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We would love you to follow us for our weekly updates.  This month we have a World Race team serving with us and they are taking the time to write a blog each about their experience.  Please read about Bethany's experience by clicking the link above.

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September 4, 2012

We have a new location...

Please check us out weekly to find new updates!  All the information needed is at our new location!

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August 10, 2012

Before and After...

CCH has new children every year.  This year we welcomed 200 new children into church homes, got them ready for school, and after 3 months, they are feeling more settled!  We are so blessed to have so many children in the care of CCH!  God is good and His story is being told all throughout India!

Jyothi - Living in CCH home since 2009

Sean and I have been with CCH now for one and a half years now.  In this time we have learned how to get around Ongole, the city of our headquarters, and make a little home for ourselves.  We know where to buy breakfast on the street, where to get chocolate croissants, where to buy uniforms, shoes, pencils, plastics, and all the other things needed for 400 kids.  We know where all our children's homes are, what school the children go to, what their grades are and we know the principals' names.  We know the children's hemoglobin levels, we know most of their names but all of their faces.

But there are so many other things we don't know.

We don't know what it is like to be abandoned or orphaned.  We don't know what it feels like to go without food, sleep outside because there is no shelter, or not have good drinking water.  We don't know what it is like to study in a school where they are speaking and teaching in a totally new language (English).
Solomon Raju - Living in CCH home since 2008

But we do know someone who knows...Jesus.

Jesus meets our kids and takes them in and becomes their Father.  He provides food for them, puts a pillow under their head, and gives them Living Water.  He speaks to them in their language and they know his voice.  He heals them and protects them and loves them.

And our kids know it!  And they live it!  And they share it!

The pictures below are just some of the faces that have changed since becoming a part of CCH.  The first one is taken upon entering the home.  They may or may not have heard about Jesus before they came into the CCH home.  The second picture is a year or more after being in our church homes.  Jesus is doing amazing transformations in this part of India!

Thanks to all of you who have co-labored with Jesus in the journey of these children.
Monica - Living in CCH home since 2011

We look forward to seeing the changed faces of the newest 200 CCH children!

June 22, 2012

Opening New Homes

In the midst of distributing school bags, supplies, socks and shoes, and uniforms we are opening 20 new homes and welcoming 200 new children to CCH!  We want to introduce you to some of the new faces of CCH!

Here is Manisha from Verdicherla!  Currently there are 6 girls in this home and the home will have 10 by the end of this month.  The pastor of this home has 4 children of his own.  2 boys and 2 girls.  The oldest boy is away at school but the three younger ones live at home!  It is a full house with all 13 kids!!

These boys are in the Siddisamudram home.  This home is located in the middle of fields.  There are 60 homes in this village, which makes it a pretty small village.  These boys are being bused to the best school in the area which is only 8 km from the home.  They will take an auto rickshaw everyday because buses don't travel on the roads to this village.

This is Rajesh and he is from Peddavaram.  This home is near 4 other of our current homes.  Each of these 4 villages has the same city center.  We will be doing a 2nd Saturday gathering of all these children.  They will be really good friends!  Love this guy's smile!  He is so sweet!

These are the Thimmalagiri boys!  Most of our church homes have two stories, with the kids on the bottom and the church on the top.  This home is two one-story buildings on a large plot of land.  They will have many evening cricket matches!  We are praying for 3 more boys for this home by the end of this month.

This is a little guy from Vallala.  When we visited this home a few months back, there was an amazing sunset behind the house.  There are fields of grass all the way to the horizon.  Paramesh has never been to school before and he is very excited to have this opportunity.

This is Nane from Vepalamadaram.  I just wanted to add him because he was too cute not to add!

We thank you for the support of the current 200 children and we look forward to you knowing and loving the new 200 children.

June 11, 2012

Merry Babu

What do you remember from your life before coming to the CCH home?
My name is Merry Babu I am studying 7th class this year.  Before I come to CCH home I use to worry about my life that who is going to help and who is going to provide my all things.  I never go to the school and I always use to just be in streets, just playing and thinking very bad about who I will be.  It’s very difficult to live in this world so I feel want to run away somewhere.  But I don’t know where.  I was full of confusion.
What is the best part about living in a CCH home?
I come CCH home through the church pastor.  When I come CCH home I see other children and I feel much better.  When I was praying God told me, "Be bold I am with you". As soon as I heard that voice I feel want to dance for God.  Then I praise him a lot. 

If you were going to describe God to your class, what three words would you use to describe?

  • Be happy for God is with you.
  • Don’t worry, God loves you so much.
  • If you able to help you should help with whatever you have.
In ten years, how old will you be? What do you want your life to be like at that time?        
Now I am having a 12 years old.  In ten years come I will be 22 years.  When I was having 22 years I like to work as pastor in CCH home. And I want to help CCH children.

Recently someone sent tractors for these boys.  They have never played with cars like this so they were very happy!

Merry Babu received the highest scores in his 6th grade class.  He is understanding and speaking English very well.  In this picture, he is with his classmate, as well as CCH brother, Anil.  They are really good friends.

At camp worshipping:  Merry Babu knows how much God loves him and it shows in His worship.

The most recent picture of the boys last Saturday receiving their new school shoes!  
They were so excited and thankful for them!  
Thanks for all who donated!  

Last week Merry Babu had a huge boil on his neck.  We had to take him to the hospital to drain it.  He had never been in surgery before and he was scared.  The pastor, one of our staff members and myself were there and we got to spend time praying with him before the surgery.  When he came out of the surgery, he had tears in his eyes, and he told me, in perfect English, "I have no mom and no dad.  I am thankful God has given me CCH."  We hugged and cried together.  It was a special moment.  He is recovering really well!

Praise the Lord for little ones who know how much God loves them!  Praise the Lord for all of you who make it possible for us to be here to love on these kids the way God wants them to be loved!

-Merry Babu's father died of TB and his mother committed suicide.

May 17, 2012

Summer Camp

Summer Camp May 2012

We had such an amazing week last week!  So many new experiences for children and adults.  
100 CCH children + 15 pastors kids + 20 pastors and wives + 9 teachers + 8 staff = a whole lot of fun!!
Here are the pics to prove it!

We had 9 classes for each group to experience over the 3 days!  Our groups were 12 children and each group name was a Fruit of the Spirit!  They loved each class and each class brought a new experience!
Badminton Class

Dance Class

Percussion Class

Games Class

Piano Lessons

Photography Class

Painting Class

Voice Lessons

Volleyball Class

Along with the classes there were other activities!  Exercise each morning, worship, free time activities, Bible reading, snacks, food and so much more!  Here are a few pics to show the other parts of camp!

Free Time Bead Class

Morning Bible Reading and Lesson

Amazing food

Morning exercise and stretching

Snacks - Mangos!!

Puppet Show each morning

Beautiful worship with flags

Pillows were a camp gift
I hope you enjoy the pics and can see some of the joy experienced here at camp!  We know you can't visit but we want all of you to experience as much as you can!  Thank you all who sponsored children, who sent supplies, who prayed, and who came to help (Thanks Holly!!).  

We have another camp this coming week and we still need some child sponsors.  
Please think about helping one child go to camp.  It is $55 per child.  
It is such an amazing experience for each person!